If You're Doing Full Disclosure, Don't Make Any Decisions Yet

Samuel shares helpful tips in today's video for how to handle disclosure of infidelity. When dealing with the disclosure process, it's vital to use this exercise form the EMS Weekend.

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I'm the betrayed. I have told my spouse that I don't have deal breakers in our marriage. I never planned or gave thought to divorce, even prior to his first confession. D-day was July 2015. In May of 2016, there was disclosure of a casual sex, oral sex partner before and after our wedding 25 years ago.

But now, if I want clarity, a time line at least on this most recent disclosure, I hit a wall. He's defensive, and angry. I've told him I would separate if needed, but I don't want to. I want open honest discussion, even when it's tough.

He believes if I'm willing to separate then I'm just going to divorce him in the long run. So any question I have about his first AP or the timing of it turns into an argument about me leaving him.

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