Ambivalence Isn't Always the End of the Marriage: Help for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity

When couples face ambivalence in either spouse it can seem like the end, when in fact, it can be positive for the relationship.

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I am ambivalent 20 years later.

One thing I hear over and over is taking care of your self loving yourself. Just coming out of a dark 3 months of depression over an intentional retriggering by my wife. Love yourself and find peace and rebuild yourself. She is lost in this aspect and I have succumb to the fact that I don't love myself and have lost me over the 20 years. can't even get to the first step of me. Any advice would be appreciated. Stuck in the cycle. No idea what me is. Thanks for all you do. I’m desperate.

tough one for sure

Ruso, thank you for your honesty.  1. find an expert to help you heal.  if you need help email me at and i'll see what I can do.  2. understand that self empathy and compassion on yourself is vital.  3. see if you can find a safet community to help you heal.  this course would be ideal:  it opens today at 12pm if you're interested.  4. to break a cycle, you have to be determined to do whatever you can do to break it.  an expert can help.  hope to talk more soon. 


I am sorry. I think if you find yourself and your own happiness then triggers will have a minimal impact on you. Glad you posted.