Barriers to Recovery: Entitlement

Samuel discusses how entitlement undermines recovery for both spouses.

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Gmaw said

My gmaw used to say "you can't be thankful and hateful at the same time, so choose one or the other."

Family involvement

Samuel, I am so thankful to have found your videos. I am the betrayed spouse of an alcoholic, sex and porn addict. He comes from a family that supports his addictions. His father is the same. He feels entitled to do as he pleases. I find no moral compass in any of them. They live for the here and now. I caught him for the second time cheating in October. He moved out and left me with no income to pay the mortgage. He has continued to act out on websites including BDSM sites where he seeks out submissive women. I am devastated. How can I handle this situation?

take care of you...

hi there.  i would prioritize you and your own safety and healing.  here is a course on our site you can take: and a scholarship application should you need it:   I would create boundaries to take care of you my friend, as well as obtain an attorney as soon as possible to protect yourself legally as well as any assets or finances to ensure you're safe and taken care of.  all of that screams of a lack of safety that he is getting it right now and i would draw boundaries and focus on your own healing emotionally and mentally.  i'm so sorry for the pain you're facing.