Healing from Infidelity Demands Intentionality

Samuel discusses a vital principle in recovery that the unfaithful spouse needs for proper perspective into restoration.

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Oh Man Samuel.... so timely.

Oh Man Samuel.... so timely. 13 months now post D-Day, and all I feel like doing is giving up. That it's not going to get better, and that I have been squeezing a rock with the hopes that water will come out. Thank you for sharing from your own experiences. It gives me hope man.

so glad to help md2006

i get it totally. i'm glad the video helped.  i know it hurts like hell.  it's the fight of your life probably and that's ok.  don't give up on you. 


Selfish to unselfish

Good stuff here, Samuel. One of the hardest parts about all this is that while I am still dealing with being in a state of limerence with my ex-AP, I don't have much desire for my wife and the marriage. So i'm doing the work out of obligation with very little want-to, which I know you've dealt with in a past video. In essence, affairs are born out of selfishness, and now the Unfaithful is being asked to stop being selfish, with the hopes that the reality of losing the marriage/family/assets will be enough to wake them up. I still need to be woken up. Sometimes I wonder if a trial separation of around a month would wake me up, while knowing full-well that I might enjoy it and then want to proceed with a divorce, despite most signs pointing towards staying together being the right thing.

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