A Pivotal Mistake Couples Make after Disclosure of an Affair: When to Get Help?

Samuel tackles a tough but needed conversation about when to actually get help after infidelity.

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I made the mistake ...

I reacted to my pain of being betrayed and divorced my best friend since first grade (54 years)
It did not stop the pain for even a second... he entered into your online program and did his work, I went to counseling
and did mine... today we work on this together.
My saddest moments come when I realize this man is no longer my husband.
This hurts more than any trigger or trickle truth by far.
So grateful you were willing to share your perspective, PLEASE feel free to share mine.
If even one betrayed just “pumps the breaks” on divorce it would be worth it.
If I had done the same ... I’d still be married to my best friend.
Grateful for you and yours, be well.