His Addiction... Her Infidelity... And How They Made It to the Other Side

Samuel interviews Ryan and Jessica who both were unfaithful in their own ways and share how they were able to forgive and heal.

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I see Jessica has a video up.

I see Jessica has a video up. Will Ryan be doing videos for BHs? Being a Mad Hatter can be a bonus and a negative I suppose. I've been waiting for 3 years for a BH voice to be added to the vlogging. I'm far enough along now that this hope is now for newly traumatized BHs.

Not sure where to post the question, will Jessica be posting from both perspectives? Hers is the only bio on the page to list her as neither unfaithful nor betrayed.

Be nice to have some idea of where AR is headed in regards to a plan for expanding to meet the needs of WW/BH couples.

More to come!

We hope to have more videos coming in the future to give more personal perspective on the reality that we are aware of both perspectives. I also hope to share more as a female unfaithful because there is such stigma for women and betrayed men in this type of situation and hope it will add support and encouragement.

I would really appreciate

I would really appreciate that. My wife doesn't post much but she reads here. More for the WW/BH dynamic would be an oasis. Almost every resource assumes a WH/BW situation

Loved this video

Thank you for find a couple where the female has been unfaithful. I would love to see more videos with unfaith wives and betrayed husbands. It would help such a large part of your audience including me and my boyfriend. Thank you!

Thanks for watching!

I'm so sorry that you can relate but glad to know hearing other stories like ours is an encouragement. I remember feeling like "I was the only one" as a female unfaithful and battled so much shame. But once I began to meet other women who had been unfaithful and I could see their strength in being honest and vulnerable it gave me so much hope that my husband and I could find a way to heal!

Thankful to have found this

Just wanted to thank you for this one. I am a Betrayed husband who is very similar. My addiction to alcohol and Porn I know had a huge part in my wife having an emotional and physical affair with a co-worker. It is going into almost 5 months and I can tell you I never have endured more pain and mental hardship than this. I have hated myself on so many levels for this. I found the point in how I have made it this far by focusing on making myself into someone I can be proud of and I am hoping this new person will be someone my wife can learn to love and we can make it work. Thanks.

Men and women's differences.

First of all, thank you all for your honesty and thank you Samuel for a great interview and letting Ryan and Jessica share their story. Well done. Wow, did this interview open my eyes to the differences between how men and women react to various forms of infidelity. Hearing Jessica say that pornography feels like having 1000s of affairs really caught my attention. Is this a typical feeling that women have about pornography? As a man, I would be way more hurt if I caught wife having sex with real person than if I caught her looking at pictures of naked men. I would love to see more content on this subject. If we understand the different responses men and women have, we might understand how to take our actions more seriously.

What type of affair was it?

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