I'm Worried about My Affair Partner. What Do I Do?

Samuel shares insight and perspective on how the unfaithful can deal with this crucial struggle.

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Thank you!

Thanks so much for that! Everything you said I already knew but hearing it really brought it to light!

Limerence explained

Hi Samuel;
I saw one of your blogs recently that described what limerence was and how it affects the brain, etc.
I've tried searching out the most recent blogs but can't find it - any chance you could send it to me?
We LOVE your blogs and are doing the 7 day Bootcamp and feel like they have helped more than the attempts at seeing a counselor even-just haven't found the right fit for us yet :(

What if they swear they don't

What if they swear they don't feel this way? I anticipated dealing with this, and I believe I care more about how she is doing than he does. I have repeatedly asked about this and he is either lying about it or he really doesn't care. What does that mean?