Re-Evaluating Your Belief Systems after the Crisis of Infidelity

Samuel shares encouragement and perspective for those who are trying to heal.

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I have discovered I just don’t like what this has done to me. I’ve become so bitter. So resentful. I don’t like who I am now. I’m tired. I’m sick of the fight to recover. And for what? I’ve learned I didn’t know who I am married to. This entire thing just beats the life out of me.

Same. It’s like you are

Same. It’s like you are reading my mind.


I’ve struggle with this too. I really liked who I was before and wish I could find my way back to that happiness in myself. I am though. Two years out and working through it for as long as it takes. While I feel this way now, I know I won’t forever.... neither will you. Unless you want to. I totally understand how you’re feeling. I’ve surrendered to the feeling you describe of having the life beaten out of you. It’s the worst. I try to think of it as necessary for me to be rebuilt into something better... that I just can’t see or understand yet. I’ll trust God there.

Thank you Sam

I struggled with this as well Sam.

Its very informative and this experience has shaken my whole core system of values.

I am slowly getting grips with Whole Belief system and what is actually important to me.

Thank you for for your time and all the support you Sam and Samantha has given us through the various sessions and discussions.

I am learning a lot which is enabling me to heal and also support my spouse Hannah to heal properly due to my the grave mistakes I have done and how I treated my spouse especially after I confessed my infidelity back in Sep 2017.

Its been a tough few years for us, however recently I have realised what is actually important to me and to my Beautiful Family.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes and however long it takes to support My Beautiful Gorgeous Wife Hannah to heal to be Dedicated, Devited and Dotting Husband & Father that God, Hannah and I always wanted me to be.

God Bless You Sam, Samantha and Your Lovely Family.

God Bless Us All.

Thank you.


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