Understanding Why Marriage's Affected by Infidelity Are so Different: Hope for the Future

Samuel discusses why a marriage affected by infidelity or addiction can still be fulfilling and rewarding.

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Great video

This video (and the one posted a day or so after) inspired a really productive conversation with my UH today. I was really struggling to put some feelings together in my head and needed to shake free of a lot of recent mental and emotional ambivalence. Between the positive message here that says “THIS is what we are working towards” and the next post of “This is what we can’t let happen” I was finally able to articulate all of those feelings in a way that made sense to my UH. It was good to come away from a conversation feeling like he had a better understanding of my feelings than usual.

So I just wanted to thank you for posting these really powerful, impactful videos. It helps. It’s an amazing ministry and your work is so appreciated. I wish I didn’t need it, but I’m grateful for it.

This was so amazing!!

This was so amazing!!
And hopeful.
I feel the need to listen to it over and over.

Thank you Samuel!

Betrayed spouse and I needed this insight to keep moving forward.....I have spent way to much time lamenting the loss of my past. Thank you!

Thank you, Samuel

Thanks for posting this, Samuel. Rich on so many different levels. Much respect to you and Samantha.

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