Is the Unfaithful Spouse Just Sorry They Got Caught? Help for Those in Crisis Due to Infidelity

Samuel helps the betrayed spouse understand if an unfaithful spouse is genuinely sorry or just sorry they got caught.

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Betrayed looking for hope

What if after discovery they’re not even sorry they were caught for a year and a half. And now 2 months after the affair ended she’s still not the least bit sorry, and blames you even though she says she’s been working on herself a lot and praying to God.

if i understand it right...

if i understand it right that it's only been two months?  it's pretty early, and without expert help, it's normal they would be reacting that way.  are they open to getting help and will they do any repair work with you?   i fear that without getting expert help, there may be more of the same.  if you can get into one of our online courses, I think you'll find great safety and healing that way.  you can find them here:

Any Help!!!

Just getting ready to start your next course for Harboring Hope and my WW will be hopefully starting the next Hope for Healing. D-Day was July 10 2000. It has been a very long and hard 20 years with me the betrayed doing all the work. This Video really hit Home and my Heart as she still seems to be stuck somewhere in the middle. Some days she gets others not even.