What about When the Female Is the Unfaithful? Part Two

Samuel interviews an unfaithful, female therapist, who helps couples in crisis due to infidelity.

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IMO this video has merit but

IMO this video has merit but really could have done without the “badge of honor” comment. Maybe I’m just hyper-aware as a formerly unfaithful wife, but this seems to kind of have the opposite and certainly unintended effect of what I think was trying to be conveyed about how many betrayed men unfortunately isolate themselves and don’t get help - I feel like the comment actually may further isolate the group as a whole. As it is easy sometimes for someone going through a lot of pain to get stuck on something specific that they hear or read, that comment may end up shutting down the effectiveness of the rest of the content of the video for many unfortunately.

totally agree...thanks for the feedback...

it's too much backstory to share, but I made a mistake and agree completely.  thanks for the honest feedback.  appreciate it.   my apologies to you my friend.  


Thank you

None of us do anything without sometimes wishing we had done it slightly differently - case in point, I wish I had included a “thank you” in my feedback above as well for the work that you do, for digging in and speaking to the very delicate and hard issues that come out of recovering from infidelity on both sides.

We may have told you this at Hope Rising, but for us personally, when hemi and I were just starting out in recovery about 21 months ago, before we even had a chance to get to EMS weekend or start our individual courses, we pretty much survived those first few weeks on a steady diet of your video blog and all the other resources we found in the recovery library - this was about the time Samantha joined you for a few videos too, and he especially found so much hope in what she shared. We are thankful to the Lord for ALL we’ve found here.

And so I’d like to apologize as well for initially jumping into the more critical feedback without also expressing my gratitude.

you're kind...thank you for the feedback....

thank you for your kindness and encouragement.  i've yet to arrive so i know i'm a work in progress and missed it, yet again.  hahahaha.  thank you for giving me grace my friend.