What Do You Do When You're Hopeless?

Samuel discusses how to defeat hopelessness when recovering from the devastation of infidelity.

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Thank you Samuel.... I am the betrayed spouse going into year 4 of this journey. It seems endless and hopeless, the cyclical cycles are never ending. I don't know what my UH thinks, he doesn't share very much. He continues to watch your videos if I mention one and we continue our work following EMS, Married for Life. He visits with his therapist when he feels the need, but the journey is slow. I am still struggling with the Emotional Affair of 16 years preceding the physical affair of 1 year (4 years ago). He will not own the EA and I'm stuck, I can't move forward. This never ending 'Groundhog Day' is grinding my "HOPE" away. Your video couldn't have come at a better time... Guardian Angels continue to watch over this journey. I'm tired and he doesn't get how this continues to wear away at me year after year. The trust will never build as long as he is in denial over the EA and the affects it had and has on us/me in our marriage. I caught him in both of the affairs. My hope is waning.... Thank you Samuel.

What type of affair was it?

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