What Does False Empathy Look Like?

Samuel shares what to look for in both genuine and false empathy.

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Thank you - Any suggestions

Thank you - this is what I have been trying to convey to my husband for months now. How do I know that is words are sincere - they sound exactly like they did before I discovered his affair. It is a struggle for me to believe what is reality vs what are just words designed to calm me down or keep me "happy". Do you have suggestions on how to differentiate the two or is it just with time and judging actions over words?

so glad it helped...

suncoast1, thanks for the compliments my friend. glad it helped. i think it boils down to stop saying you're sorry and show me you're sorry through: reading books together. going to get expert help. taking courses on the site or doing the ems weekend or something like that. communicate with me with new language that isn't just like what you used to say and do before. try letters maybe. get expert help to help him understand what will really mean something to you. not to mention, showing change in his actions. how he speaks to you. how he communicates to you. how he's open and vulnerable or at least is pursuing how to be vulnerable with you. does that make sense? sure hope that helps you.

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