When Is an Ultimatum Necessary in Healing From Infidelity?

Samuel discusses when and how to use an ultimatum in recovery work.

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Great timing

Thanks, Samuel. My wife and I have said that THANKS many, many times the past two months as we have watched your blogs.Today's talk was right on target for us.
Maybe three weeks ago my wife reached desperation and gave me an ultimatum. I slept in another room for the next three nights, and had time to think about our struggle. She did the right thing, and was touched tonight by your thoughts.Yes, she was courageous. I took her seriously and became active in looking for real help, locally and through AR's library. Guess you could call me a work-in-progress, that's after 44 years of marriage and nearly five years of effort since my 'D' day when I was caught in porn addiction. Shame is brutal.
God keeps showing us new things as we watch and listen to your blogs. Keep up His great work!

Thanks for the encouragement...

appreciate the kind words my friend.  stay the course my brother.  don't give up.  

Porn addiction, sounds so

Porn addiction, sounds so innocent compared to the monstrous betrayals other spouse's are capable of, mine included.....

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