When You Don't Know Who to Choose

It's s common occurrence that unfaithful spouses can be ambivalent, not sure who to choose. Today, I want to help the unfaithful understand how to move through ambivalence and how to make a choice that will eventually promote healing for all parties involved.

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Don't assume the betrayed

Don't assume the betrayed spouse will jump for joy just because the unfaithful ultimately chose them, either. While the unfaithful are off doing the pick me game trying to figure out who the winner is, the betrayed are waking up to the reality of what they face, who their partner really is, and the future without full knowing trust. That's a tough one to swallow. So maybe the next video should be about the terrible choices a betrayed spouse is faced with when they never wanted to face those choices, and that is another pain and agony the unfaithful dump on betrayed spouses.

jumping for joy....

Edmond, good point and well said. the betrayed has options and decisions to make too that is absolutely correct. while these blogs are not exhaustive, I only have usually between four and six minutes to get the point across and it's impossible to touch on every point when it comes to something as calamitous as infidelity. also, i have found myself in an incredible amount of hot water when I, an unfaithful, try and pick the mind of the betrayed so i'm cautious about ever doing that without absolute certainty. i hope these blogs are somewhat helpful for you and provide some insight into the mind of the unfaithful and thank you for commenting and taking the time to read them.

This is so true. As a spouse

This is so true. As a spouse who is waiting for her ambivalent spouse to make a decision I can feel my heart pulling away. I don't want it to but as time goes on and as I keep experiencing the pain of his ambivalence I can feel it growing weak.

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