You're Going to Realize You're Stronger Than You Think

Samuel shares personal insight on how to find new strength in recovery.

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I enjoy ALL of the blogs but this message was something I desperately needed today - by far, the best message for where I am in this pain filled journey.

so glad...

means the world to me to read comments like that.  thank you for sharing such great feedback.  so glad you're here. 


Hard to find strength

Samuel...thank you for what you do. I have been watching your video blogs for about 3 weeks now (I'm 8 weeks past D-Day), and I can honestly say that your videos are what have helped me the MOST during this awful time in my life. Even more than the professional help I'm receiving from counseling sessions. Your compassion and depth of understanding of what the trauma of infidelity does is what brings me solace.

This video popping up in my YouTube feed early this morning feels like divine intervention. I have journaled a bit in my recovery (at my counselor's request), but now I have a different perspective on its purpose. I also have been unable to watch anything, whether it be random TV shows or movies, even my favorite comedies, because of the barrage of triggers. Your suggestion to watch movies, read books, etc. about SURVIVAL stories is fantastic. I can see how doing that will give me a break from being so hyper-focused on my husband's infidelity, but rather help me focus on finding my own strength.

Thanks, again, for doing what you do. I'm incredibly grateful I have your videos to turn to as I work through this dark period in my life.

what a great email to receive....

maurice, thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement brother.  some days it's hard to believe you're helping, then there's days like this with comments like this that give you incredible hope and encouragement.  

thank you for sharing that my friend.  means a ton. 

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