2 Ways to Protect Your Marriage

After the discovery of infidelity in marriage, it's easy to see how the marriage wasn't protected. Steve discusses 2 ways to protect the marriage after the discovery of infidelity.

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Thank you

I just want to say thank you to all of you who take the time to share your knowledge with us. This website has continually been a shining light through the darkest times of my life. I really like that you all are posting videos now as well. I never imagined I would encounter so much pain in my marriage and quite frankly in my life so I am truly grateful for all the insight and hope you all have taken the time to share. Little by little we all strive to feel whole again and I pray and hope that everyone who is going through the agony of betrayal will find peace again. Thanks again!

Thank you

I want to reiterate that honest is the best way to protect your marriage. Honest with situations you are in when your spouse is not present. Honest with whomever you talk to that your spouse is always first priority and always in your thoughts and not out of fear of being caught but out of true genuine sincere love of your spouse.

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