Decisions by the Unfaithful that Guarantee Moral Failure

Today, Samuel shares in his video insight on the mindsets he had and decisions he made to ensure moral failure in his life, including infidelity in his marriage.

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Very relevant

Dear Samuel, thank you for sharing so honestly about this topic. You described my spouse about 95% accurately in this video. He was a leader in ministry and has stepped down now but the points you share here are still evident in his life. I wish that he was open to looking at this but almost 2 years after disclosure he still refuses to watch any videos or do any recovery work at all. I continue to watch your videos and find them all encouraging and helpful. I keep holding on, praying, working on myself, going to counseling alone, but it gets very hard to fight for the marriage on my own. I hold on to the hope that someday my husband will realise that help is available for him, before it is too late. God bless you and please keep sharing, your message is powerful, relevant and truthful and I pray it will reach many people.

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