An Expert's Take on Defensiveness in Infidelity

Samuel interviews Rick the founder of on defensiveness and how to remedy it.

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Different angle on defensiveness

Thanks for helping me understand a little bit better about why my husband gets defensive, especially about intentions(!), but could you go into what the betrayed can do about the unfaithful's defensiveness? Because his affair was "only" emotional and he didn't feel any sexual attraction, he thinks all this "betrayal" stuff is in my head and not real. He refuses to own that he crossed several lines and resents the term "emotional affair." But the stuff I read on this site shows he's acting out typical "unfaithful" behavior. How do I get past his defensiveness so he can start working on healing - not just healing our marriage, but how he sees himself, too?!

So true

I am so glad I have come across affair recovery. This makes so much sense and is one of the things my husband does when we get heated about his affair. He will tell me I was the reason and go ahead and make a long list. I am not a defensive person by nature and through my own development have learned not to be and how to respond in a healthy way. I truly do feel if my husband could get onto the EMSO course it would change his life as well as mine and our marriage.

thank you for sharing my friend

so glad the site is helping you.  i'm sorry for the pain you're in and for what you're walking through but so glad you found us and the site.  thank you for watching and commenting. 

What type of affair was it?

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