How Samantha Was Wooing Me Back

Samuel discusses some pivotal moments of Samantha's recovery which helped save Samuel from himself.

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Get busy living

As a betrayed spouse, some days it is difficult to pick myself up and get busy living. But I keep trying. One day at a time I guess.

I have seen a few small changes in my husband since I have learned how to put boundaries in place and stated that I am prepared to leave the marriage if things don't change and if he doesn't seek counseling to discover why this happened and to help prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately much of what I witness is anger towards those boundaries, but hopefully soon that will be outweighed by positive changes.

It just seems kinda sad to me that for months I have been putting in the effort, going to counseling, trying to learn about myself and heal the pain from my heart being ripped out, but all he wants is to either completely avoid discussions about his affair or to justify it to me because of something I did.

Thank you Samuel for your words near the end of this blog. It has been a long time since I've heard something positive and affirming like this. Although you are speaking to betrayed spouses in general, your words are very powerful to me personally. I know that I am strong and that I will be OK, but it sure is nice to hear those words spoken out loud! Thank you.

Response toOCHurting wife

I so totally agree with this. Obviously the betrayer cannot at this moment see beyond their childish ways so you HAVE to take care of you and you alone! Amen, sister! Thanks, Samuel.

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