A Special 'Thank You' from Samuel

A special "Thank You" from Samuel.

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Thank you Samuel. Your

Thank you Samuel. Your videos have been a lifeline when I wanted to give up on everything! You have transformed your pain and are now able to help others heal - thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Thank you

Thank you so much for all of your hopeful inspiration ! When I first saw you in a suit, I thought you were going to say this was your last video, I am glad that it is not. You have given me hope in the darkest chapter in my life. A year ago I found out that my husband is a SA. Keep making videos !

Thank you for all you bring

Thank you for all you bring to this dreadful subject.
Your words and teaching have been instrumental in our healing, and my unfaithful husband especially has gleaned so much from you.
Your work has immeasurable value. You help to heal the hurting. It's a calling.

Thank YOU, Samuel!

I have been a follower since this dark part of my journey began in the summer of 2013. Often times your ability to put into words the struggles my husband and I face is like salve on my stinging wounds. Other times it serves as a reminder at how much more work my husband (the unfaithful) has yet to do. Always it gives me hope that for the one who gave into lust, deceit, and selfishness can see with open eyes the consequences and pain of his choices on those who truly loved him. God does go after the one who is lost. And we, the betrayed, must dig deep for that Agape to get us through with a heart of Jesus. Holy Spirit you are very welcome here! May God continue to operate through your heart and more especially that of Samantha's for without her Grace perhaps you would not be doing this great work!

THANK YOU......I'm a betrayed

THANK YOU......I'm a betrayed. I watch and I'm thankful for your blogs......

THANK YOU......I'm a betrayed

THANK YOU......I'm a betrayed. I watch and I'm thankful for your blogs......

Getting the right kind of help

My husband and I are in recovery for his affair, but we are struggling with finding a therapist. We love your videos and we’ve heard you mention that it’s imperative to get the right kind of help. We’ve been to several therapists, even ones with “infidelity” listed as a specialty, but none of them have really helped. I feel like they’ve helped with general issues, but not with the infidelity part. I feel like one of them even made things worse. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about finding the right kind of help?? Thank you!!

it's a common frustration...

hi sharon, it's common to experience that. my best suggestion would be the ems weekend.  have you considered that?  you can find it here:  https://www.affairrecovery.com/product/ems-weekend   it's the best of both worlds.  therapists, protocol, expert help from survivors and those who have treated it from between 15 and 35 years.  i would consider that.  the frustration you feel is normal and to be expected in trying to heal from this level of devastation. 

broken wing

Samuel, We are a sorry lot out here! This video made me want to cry, I thought it was the suit. Now I think it was because you have become a humble man through all of this. You mentioned in one of your videos that we the betrayed may have a few problems with your videos because you are, were, an unfaithful. The opposite is true for me. I know you would not want us comparing you to our own situation, but you set such ideal standards for the very reasons you bring up in different ways in your videos. You have a humble heart before us and God. You keep Samantha #1 always. It seems that your every move and thought revolves around her. What an example. When the time is right for other unfaithfuls to hear you, there is an abundance of wisdom available. Samantha is there in the background of this incredible ministry, and she is still with you defying all odds. Another great example for us. You are humble and Samantha is our "Rockstar" as you put it. Thank you Samuel.

thank you broken wing

so sorry for the delay, but was out of town.  means so much that you'd email me and encourage me so much.  really ministers to me and all that it takes to do these videos.  thank you again for your kindness.  


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