When You Feel Alone after Infidelity

Samuel shares the proper motivation for recovery work after infidelity for both spouses.

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Thank you

Dear Samuel
Thank you for this video. I was feeling lost and unworthy and was fading back to pity. You have reminded me of something I was loosing site of again. I have so much in this world to be grateful for still and although I may have made one of the biggest mistakes of my life when I was unfaithful to my wife. I am doing everything I can to be a better person and own it. I don’t need recognition for it I just need to accept it for myself.
Thank you for bringing me back from the darkness.

you're welcome paul...

so glad you're here brother.  i get it.  pity is so seductive and enticing.  there is almost always something to be full of self pity about.  the choice to push back, fight on and not succumb to it is life changing and paramount.  i'm so glad the video helped.  thank you for sharing and watching.