Why Spouse's Say, "It's Never Enough for You" - Part 2

Samuel continues his insight with thoughts on why betrayed spouses may say, "It's never enough for you".

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22 months post D-Day and when

22 months post D-Day and when I watched Part 1 of this series, I was relieved because my husband, who had been unfaithful, has never said "it's never enough for you". Guess what? A day or two later, he said it and I became ao angry I laughed in his face. I knew from watching Part 1 that he said it more out of his own shame and frustration, yet it still stung and took me a day or two to calm down about it.

oh man...

hope2405 wow....i'm sorry it blew up like that, but so glad you realized where it was coming from more than looking at yourself. it's a tough road, this recovery but there is a way through.

But I was not enough

When I say this to my unfaithful husband it is because I feel like if I would have been "enough" for him the affairs would not have happened. I have come to realize they generally it comes for a place of panic, uncertainty, and because until I discovered his affairs I truly thought he loved me to much to ever risk loosing me. So I constantly question how I can be enough now if I was not enough then.