Q&A (HH) Should I 'Know' Who She is?

Video Restricted to Recovery Library members. Question The problem is, not knowing what she looks like (other than a few details of height and hair color) means that she is potentially everywhere I go. I tried to put it out of my mind, but for over a year I exhausted myself from being on constant alert, wondering if she "happened" to be at the same store where we are shopping, or restaurant where we are eating, or whatever-you-name-it-location. Could they bump into each other with me the…
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Thank you for this information

I found the AP's Facebook page online, and got to see 2 pictures of her, and also her young daughter (feel really sad for this poor little girl). I guess only time will tell if this was helpful or hurtful. At least my curiosity is satisfied and I no longer have to guess who she is and what she looks like. Thanks again for the answer to this question, I really appreciate your help and care. God bless us all.

What type of affair was it?

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