Q&A Can You Help My Understand Why the Empathy Exercises Have Been so Difficult for My Mate?

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I am the betrayed wife and we are almost three months past discovery. We have done the bootcamp and are in the the 9th week of EMS Online. Overall I feel that my husband is doing a great job at recovery, being safe for me and accepting responsibility for his actions, and growing closer to God. However, he has had a lot of trouble with both empathy weeks of EMSO. He had a hard time coming up with 40 costs without repeating himself and had the same problem coming up with anything to say in his empathy letter. He says he just can't come up with things to say and has a hard time putting anything into words. His letter was only a couple paragraphs long. I have been supporting him, loving him, and didn't express anger or disappointment... but I'm struggling internally with this. Does this mean he doesn't "get it"? I just don't understand why these empathy lessons would be so hard for him, it makes me nervous.



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