Becoming a Group Leader:

Bringing Purpose to the Pain

*Group Leaders are not employees of Affair Recovery and operate under a contractual relationship as Sub Contractors with Affair Recovery, LLC.*

Being a Group Leader is pretty awesome, but the journey of becoming a Group Leader is powerful in and of itself. This process will grow your community, continue your healing, and strengthen your recovery. There is purpose to the pain you have endured. Just click the button below to get started.

New Group Leader Testimonial:
"I found leading my first group almost as beneficial for myself as doing the course the first time through. I look forward to my next group."

H. | Tennessee

After completing the questionnaire, your next step is to email us at to schedule a time to talk with someone on the training team.

The button above will take you to a very brief questionnaire that we ask you to complete and then we would like to schedule a short time to talk and get to know you better. For now there is only 2 steps and you have as much time as you need before committing to becoming a Group Leader, so you really have nothing to lose!

If you're reading this, you must be somewhat curious because you clicked the link and found yourself here and you're still reading. Our hope is to use this page to explain more about what it means to take the next step of becoming a Group Leader and answer some of the basic questions.

The next step is simply saying, "I am willing to learn more."

Becoming a Group Leader Steps:

  1. Complete the brief questionnaire by clicking the button above
  2. Speak with a Group Leader Manager to learn more
  3. Request and receive access to Group Leader Training Resources
  4. Complete some necessary paperwork
  5. Shadow a group and work with a trained Group Leader
  6. Schedule your first group on a day and time that works for you
  7. Be part of the miracles of lives and families being changed forever

You will never be alone in this process even when fully trained. Saying yes will bring you into a whole new community. We will have many conversations and check ins with you throughout these steps.

Why become a Group Leader Now?

Having past participants like you become Group Leaders is a CRITICAL part of our process that solidifies and strengthens YOUR recovery. We don't use therapists or professionals as Group Leaders. Our research has proven that past participants working as Group Leaders offer hope and encouragement that professionals cannot. This translates to more significant and positive changes in depression, anxiety, and overall enjoyment in life and marriage where applicable. More people are coming to us for help each month, and we can only offer groups for them if we have enough Group Leaders. We never want to turn people away from healing because we don't have enough Group Leaders willing to lead a group of their own. So please, take the time to carefully consider this and give it a shot. YOU are invited because YOU have what it takes. There are people signing up right now that need your specific experience from your healing journey.

Many quickly respond that they're not ready because they don't feel they are fully healed and on the other side. Rest assured, the timing of your invitation is not impulsive. Over time we have honed this process and carefully schedule our invitations, training, and new leader assignments based what's best for the leader and for the participants. Healing is our utmost concern and we will not do something that's going to risk your recovery or the recovery of those in your group.

Group Leader Testimonials:

Amanda and Kenneth:

This video features Amanda and Kenneth, bewell and kg78.  They share their experience of the healing journey they found through leading groups and how it took their healing to a whole new level of understanding. Their full video can be found here: Kenneth and Amanda's Mentor Video.


The below video includes Gayle, gayle2012, sharing her journey of becoming a Group Leader as a part of her personal recovery and offers encouragement to you as well.


This video features Alicia, alicia0815, sharing her experience as a Group Leader for Affair Recovery and encourages you to do the same. Her full video can be found here: Michael & Alicia's Mentor Video.

If you've been a part of any 12-step groups or are familiar with them, you'll know that Step 12 is giving back. Those who work the steps turn around and help others do the same while revisiting what they have already learned. This step solidifies lessons learned more so with each person they guide. This is the most important part of recovery. You will see growth in leaps and bounds. This is where your pain has purpose. It worked for the leaders in the videos above and the testimonials below. It will work for you too. We believe Healed individuals are vital guides and we have worked this into the process of healing. We know how important this step is and we will support you and train you along the way just like we did through your coursework. You're not alone. Don't worry about committing to leading a group right now, just commit to learning more about the process. After that you can decide if you want to take the next step or not. Don't make the mistake of casting this aside and miss out on a huge opportunity of continued growth and healing.

After completing the questionnaire, your next step is to email us at and request access to the Group Leader Training Materials.

Testimonials from Past Leaders

"This was a great experience! It has really helped me continue my healing. I feel honored to have helped these women. They are so different from the first class until the end. Feels good to know I have helped them."

S. | Washington


"Thank you for the opportunity to serve as [Group Leaders] of EMSO. We get back so much more than the participants do."

P. & L. | Texas


"As I look back over the nine months I've been traveling with these women, I am amazed at the work [God] has done in my own heart. I'm vastly different from the woman I was then. Thank you for allowing me to continue my healing journey in this way. It's been better than dozens of counselors!"

T. | California


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