Q&A Should We Try to Save the Marriage?

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My husband has had two affairs: one emotional, one physical, and they were 6 years apart. What I am struggling with now is the fact that I actually caught him with his second AP and witnessed, and heard them in a heated, half-dressed make out session. Since they were caught, he has cut off ties with her but a year has passed and I still feel extreme revulsion at the thought of any physical contact with him. We have been separated with him out of the house this past year, and we are to the point we can interact and be friendly. He's waiting for me to decide if I want to give this marriage another chance but I'm having a hard time seeing how that's possible after all the lies, deceptions, and the mental image of them together. But when I think I might need to move on, I feel weak because others have managed to overcome their betrayal....like I'm giving up if I say I just can't go on. There are so many other issues (porn use, emotional withdrawal, inability to connect etc.) that it just all seems insurmountable. When is enough, enough?



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