Q&A What Methods Do You Recommend for Restoring Trust?

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My wife had an affair a few years ago and lied about it for almost 3 years. Only once has she freely given me info without first being caught. Currently she says she is not keeping anything from me, says she has told me everything there is to know, and says she is no longer hiding and covering up anything. But her word doesn’t mean much. She lied to my face for so long. We were talking about this last night. I said I have lots of questions about the affair and struggling to trust her. She said she has made changes like being more transparent and communicating with me. She says she still wants to stay marriage. However, the words coming from her mouth are not enough. Her just telling me that she is being honest isn’t enough. I need proof that she is being honest. A lot of what is recommended in Affair Recovery is access to emails, texts etc, spyware/filters, polygraphs..... Are these the only way to restore trust? Has anyone not used these methods and had success at restoring trust after an affair and years of lying?



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