Q&A Do You Know of a Resource That Can Help Me and My Sister?

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Hi Rick,

I'm 3+ years from D-day and my husband and I have been working hard on our recovery. In January, I posed a question regarding my concern about not being further along in my healing. You suggested that maybe I was a bit stuck and it was time to give back to others. You advised me to find ways to share my wisdom from my own recovery.


My sister just revealed to me that her marriage is a disaster. Infidelity isn't the issue, but they have a very volatile relationship. Her husband constantly threatens divorce and if money wasn't so sparse, he would be gone. They communicate poorly and very negatively, even in front of the children. There are many stresses in their household - finances, special needs child, etc.


I would like to help her and was hoping that her husband may participate. She said she wouldn't approach him because he's in a bad space. However, she wants to work on her own healing and she is motivated to make some personal changes. She cannot afford to go to a therapist.


I feel I can share some lessons from the many I've learned in my own recovery. However, I was hoping that maybe you could make a suggestion as to what may be most effective for her. Can you suggest a good resource or book? I'm certain that there is a reason she contacted me.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Help for your sister.

I don't know if anyone ever comes back to read comments. But wanted to post a resource Marriage today is a tv program done by jimmy and Karen Evans. They have lots of information on you tube and the shows web site. Karen Evans just wrote a book about her journey in their marriage. Jimmy was very verbally abusive. Her book is called from pain to Paradise. Their teachings have helped me and my husband. Along with ar and some other resources

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