Q&A (HFH) How Can I Connect with My Mate If They Don’t Want Me?

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My husband's heart has grown cold. I trickled truth for over a year and it's been 2 months since full disclosure. His wall is up and it's affecting his ability to be an engaged father with our newborn. (Yes out of this hell, God blessed us with a child, though my husband doesn't quite see it that way). I'm working my recovery (H4H), he's doing nothing but avoiding being home. He is still at home but I wonder if it's for financial reasons. (Another blessing from this hell is his sobriety 1.5 years ago.) I've turned this over to God, stopped pleading, crying, responding to or participating in his anger, and bitterness. I reach out with kind acts, with scripture, and I am in full prayer, but he rejects all my efforts and I'm beginning to feel numb and empty. I have two questions: How can I tell the difference between releasing this to God or if I've given up on the relationship also? What can I possibly do to reach him? I feel like I'm trying to move an entire brick wall cemented in place that doesn't WANT to be moved. My husband says he doesn't want me. The biggest barrier is: we tried all the recovery work (counseling, online bootcamp, seeing our pastor) but I had still been withholding SO MUCH that he doesn't know if I really have told the truth.



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Just watched this and

Just watched this and although this was posted 2 years ago, I relate to this very much. Only difference is BH and myself are separated and I have not been given the opportunity to reveal full disclosure, partly because BH doesn't want to talk about it at all. 18 months is a very long time. I maybe divorced before then :(

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