Q&A How Can I Feel Her Love When She Does This?

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My unfaithful wife's phone was broken a few days ago. That iPhone is a trigger for me because it's the main instrument she used to communicate with her AP. She knows it's a trigger and asked me if she should stay away from buying another iPhone. I said I would prefer if she got another brand. I come home from work to find an iPhone on her nightstand. Not a word was said to me before I came home about her decision to purchase. Even when I arrived there was no explanation of her decision. When I asked she said it was what she was comfortable with and was easy for her to use. This really sends a strong message to me about her ability to see my pain. She chose her comfort over my trigger and then informed me that I would have to work through it and she wasn't being selfish. How can I feel her love for me when she does things like this?



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