Q&A How Can We Find Others Like Us to Help Us Heal?

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I'm about four months out from d-day, and experiencing a double betrayal. The AP was my friend, our children are friends, she lives in my neighborhood, attends my church. Everyone in our small-town-ish community knows what has happened. The heartache, ignorant comments, and withering silences are absolutely crushing. Husband/I are halfway through EMS online course. But I find myself desperately wishing for more personal conversation with a couple who has survived a double betrayal and lived to tell about it. We are in contact with two couples in our town who are on the road to recovery post-affair but neither fall into the "double betrayal" category. Is it possible for Affair Recovery to put us in touch with a couple who has experienced this specific sort of situation, navigated into healthier territory, and can walk with us more closely?



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