Q&A How do We Handle the Affair Partners Immature Actions?

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My husband and I are doing great! We have worked really hard over the past year and 1/2 and it’s all been worth it. However, the affair partner is not healing. It’s been almost 2 years since my husband broke the connection with her after their short affair. They work together and some of our circle of friends overlap. She continues to post on social media indirectly about my husband, me and our relationship now. We try not to look or engage but friends show us her posts. She is a woman in her 50’s who is acting like a 16 year old. It’s traumatic to me every time she posts something- the wound gets re-opened a little. I don’t need her reminding everyone what happened. We have asked her in the past (closer to d-day) to stop posting stuff but she doesn’t care and continues to shame my husband and I. She is literally crazy. Do we just keep ignoring her and hope one day she will let it go? Sit down and talk with her?



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