Q&A Should I Give My Mate Information They Specifically Asked Me Not to Share?

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Since D-Day, I have tried to be honest with my husband. Unfortunately as my affair was many years, I have had to approach him with new information as I have remembered it. This hurts us both. He has I feel a fair grip of what went on with my affair partner and my other behaviors with men in general. I have however remembered one detail concerning a location. Originally I disclosed some locations, but in honesty, this one I didn't remember. Before now however he has asked me not disclose locations to him as they have become painful triggers. This new information really disturbs me in the extent of my betrayal. I want to embrace radical honesty and let him know but I know this will deeply hurt him and he has asked me not to share further locations. I am caught between this information, do I tell him and hurt him deeply but let him be aware of the extent of my betrayal, or is this information, especially in light of him expressing not wanting to know just me wanting to express my guilt and causing him unnecessary harm?



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