Q&A What Do You Mean By ‘My Mate Is Not My Problem My Mate Only Reveals the Problem in Me’?

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My spouse and I, as usual, are interpreting something differently. We now are able to see it in a comical light, that we do this. When this phrase was said in a certain tone the other day it made us realize that we had “heard” it differently at EMS and through our course work. One of us hears “my mates isn’t my concern or responsibility to fix, I can only control me” Then the other hears it as “my mate is not really what is causing hurt in me now, they have only revealed my the underlying issues I have already had. We are at loggerheads at what the real meaning is. Are we supposed to have a mentality where we don’t really concern ourselves with the other persons journey or do we accept that we have personal baggage and our spouse exposed it in us. I hope we aren’t totally missing the boat on this.



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