Q&A Why Can’t I Let Go of the Past?

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We are 14 months from the final D-Day. I am the betrayed wife and my husband is better now. Why can’t I let go of the past? Is this normal? There were four women in total over a decade. I just don’t understand how this resentment goes away? I have read all of the forgiveness books you have suggested and I go to church. All of these are great resources and feed my soul, but the negatives always creep back in. My logical side sees it’s not productive to harbor these negative feelings, but my loss over what I saw our marriage as and my hurt pride seem to drag me down. I feel myself emotionally disconnecting from my husband. The triggers only remind me of what kind of man he was and it makes me despise him. I’d like to overcome this. I want my family. I’m so tired of running into his affair partner, tired of turning off the TV because of infidelity content, especially after we have had a great day. Sad that this is what our marriage became. I’m desperate to have a normal life.



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