Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Overcoming Trauma after Infidelity at EMS Weekend, Interviewing an Expert

I’d like to introduce to you Wayne Baker M.A., LPC, a trauma expert on the Affair Recovery Specialist Panel who often helps facilitate our EMS Weekend intensives. He’s a friend and associate and also provides expert care for couples and spouses who are traumatized, confused, and looking for healing. This week I interview Wayne and get his thoughts on how he helps those who are in crisis deal with the trauma of infidelity as well as the many roadblocks that come before, during, and after the EMS Weekend intensive. I hope you’ll take just a few minutes to watch the interview, while also considering attending one of the upcoming weekend intensives.

If you’d like to request more information about the EMS Weekend please email our team at info@hope-now.com or call 888-527-2367 to speak to our Intake Adviser. You can also visit the EMS Weekend page.




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How to stop us.

I'm finding it very difficult to move on. My husband doesn't understand why it has to be one or the other. He has moved out as I asked him to but we can't seem to let each other go.
He still see his AP and is making long term plans with her i.e. holidays & trips away but still wants to see me.
How do I stop us. I'm hurt, sad & lost all the time.
Sometimes I wish I didn't wake up so I feel no more pain, hurt, loss & devastation.

Seriously did no one respond

Seriously did no one respond to this poor person?

I am so sorry. I know how it feels to feel like you are dying from the trauma of being betrayed. Hope it has gotten easier. 💚

What type of affair was it?

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