Q&A Does my Spouse Need Therapy or Divorce?

My husband and I were at the January 2015 EMS. He ended his most recent affair about 90 days ago. We have been in "recovery" for the past 5 years after 2 previous affairs came to light...and then many other flirting incidents, etc. During the past 5 years he has lied about the flirtatious contacts with other women, and phone and email contact with the 2 previous APs.

For the past several weeks there has been a real disconnect and he has been short, snappy, and critical of me. This says to me that he is justifying his thoughts and actions to step away from our marriage boundaries. He recently drove to another state for meetings and hardly contacted me or even let me know he was leaving the office to head out of town. This morning I found an email from a female co-worker asking to ride with him going to the meetings. I also found incest porn pictures he had downloaded while there. I have not confronted him yet but I feel like he either needs to go to months of intensive therapy or we need to divorce.

What would you advise? Thank you so much!!



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What type of affair was it?

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