Q&A How Can I Protect Myself from My Mates Unsafe Behaviors?

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I am 15 months past D-Day. We have attended HH, H4H, EMSO, and are now in M4L. Can you help me determine what some appropriate boundaries are when my husband descends into rationalizing past and present behaviors? As an example, we were discussing my husband's girlfriend before me. One of his girlfriends also dated one of his close friends. He started dating her before they broke up. I consider this cheating. Not to mention a lousy thing to do to a friend. My husband's rationalizations for it not being wrong were numerous....they weren't married, they were unhappy, they were almost broken up. This is just one example, but my husband is legendary at rationalizing all sorts of behaviors...we're just friends, the pictures of the nudes just showed up in my inbox, it was just fantasy, I didn't think it would hurt you since you wouldn't know and on and on....To be honest, I'm sick and tired of this sort of behavior, and I don't really know where to go next. How can I protect myself from it?



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