Q&A How Can My Mate Get the AP to Stop Contact?

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His AP tried to call him last week from a borrowed phone on what would have been their one year anniversary. He missed the call as his phone was dead, but he told me right away that he recognized the number and we are sure it was her. He had emailed her several months ago and ask her for no contact. She replied very angry and said he knows good and well there had been none. We feel certain she assumed I was writing the email by the way she responded and the fact that she had tried a few times to call him through borrowed phones. I want him to email her and tell her he knows it was her and to stop trying to reach him. I am afraid at some point she will use a phone he doesn't recognize and answer it. He thinks he should ignore the call. It is driving me crazy and I am checking our phone records daily to see what his incoming calls are. Is he right to ignore it? Or should we head it off?



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