Q&A Is There Anything I Can Personally Do to Discourage a Persistent AP?

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The affair partner won't stop messaging after 3 years. I really thought I had done a good job of blocking our phones, social media, and email. All of my husband’s contacts were blocked, and now she's send the following to me and a couple different contact points "I think you are crazy. Leave me alone". Obviously, I have not reached out in any way, do not go near her, her friends, or her life in any way, and I have not responded to these messages. But the way she words them makes me wonder - no doubt as intended - what triggered them. It also makes my husband doubt me - for a second. I show them to him anyway, because I do not want secrets. My husband is of the belief that we should "Ignore her. It means nothing" - and I do not believe her to be dangerous at all. My husband would be unwilling to ‘go public’ in the way that would be required to talk to an attorney. But it really sets me back emotionally every single time. Other than tightening my blocks, is there anything I can personally do to discourage a persistent AP?



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