Q&A How Do I Grieve My Husbands Feelings for the Affair Partner?

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I feel like I have come to accept what has happened and cannot change the past. I am having trouble with possibly accepting my husband’s feelings for his AP and his view of what the affair was to him. We are only a few months out from no contact from a 2 plus year emotional and physical affair. We are doing recovery work and that seems to help with empathy but he still is grieving this “love” and I just wish he would come out of the fog, what I feel is limerence. I feel like he will never really see it as such or will admit that he could be vulnerable to this kind of addiction. Is it possible that I just have to just learn how to accept this as well? We are communicating and reconnecting. We are trending forward. I am trying to be empathetic and patient but it really hurts.



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