Q&A Is it Possible to Stay in My Marriage With Fear Based Motivation and Find True Happiness Eventually?

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My husband told me about his affair in August 2015 and he finally ended it in February 2016. Although he is doing the things I have asked him to do, go to counseling, be accountable for where he is, etc...my feelings for him have completely changed. I think he is a good father and a good person but I feel like no longer love him (in the way a wife should love her husband). I am also no longer attracted to him. I feel a strong urge to leave our marriage because of this. I feel like I am never going to want to have sex with him again(i still haven't been able to have sex since his affair ended). I feel like I have already given him everything I had and he threw it all away. Now I have nothing left to give. I feel like I am staying out of fear because I am financially dependent on my husband (I am a stay at home mom). Our daughter is only 2, so I also fear her growing up without her mommy and daddy in the same home and of course it breaks my heart to think of splitting her in custody. Do people ever stay in their marriage out of fear but then eventually have a happy marriage again? I know that is a tricky question and may be hard to answer, but any insight you have would be helpful. Thank you.



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