Q&A What Can I Do to Help My Unfaithful Mate through the Recovery Process?

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My husband is coming out of a 2 year affair and we have taken EMSO. He just started in Hope for Healing. We are a few months out from no contact and I believe he is working hard and wants our marriage. The problem is he keeps being resistant to the term limerence, although it is what I feel it truly is and his group leader had apparently mentioned it as well. He almost shuts down when it is mentioned. I feel like if he would just be open to viewing it that way and apply the strategies to get through it, it may help him. It would be worth a try if he really wants to heal. I am praying that as he works the new program that God will open his heart and mind. I know this is his journey but is there anything I can be doing to help him? Thanks!



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