Q&A What Should My New Dream Look Like?

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In lesson 9 of HH, we are asked to list out the dreams we had for our marriage when we got engaged, which included things like loving and cherishing each other till death parted us. My dream was to grow old with my wife, to share exclusivity and faithfulness, to pass on the legacy to our kids, grandkids and great grandkids. To celebrate our 60th anniversary surrounded by family and friends like we did for my parents one week before D-Day. Always having the idea that God’s plan was for one man/one wife/one life. The lesson encourages us to release that dream and ask God to help me build a new dream. So can you elaborate on the new dream? I am having a tough time with this because I feel like my new dream will have much lower standards since I don’t think I can expect exclusivity and faithfulness. Am I not able to expect these things from anyone else moving forward?



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