Q&A Why Is His Perspective of Us and of Love Getting Worse?

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We are 10 months from D-Day and have been separated since discovery of my husband’s 5 year affair. We did the EMS Weekend and he went for approximately 7 therapy sessions in 10 months. After D-Day he would tell me he loved me, that he never stopped loving me. Then a while later it changed to he loved me but wasn't in love with me. Now he says there is no love there and doesn't want to live in a loveless marriage. He doesn't know if he can live with me, says he doesn't know if he wants to work at this and says he is done with all help. He says no one has ever walked his path in this and doesn't understand. He has minimized, blamed, shamed and shows no empathy. He tells me that my expectations of him to be repentant, show empathy and love are unrealistic and too high. I have given him my forgiveness and he knows that I am willing to work at reconciliation. I am in Harboring Hope and reading and learning all I can for my own personal healing. I am very aware that I cannot do this alone. Other than the obvious of him not working or recognizing that he needs healing himself, why is his perspective of us and love getting worse?



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