Q&A How Can I Overcome My Triggers in the Curriculum?

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My husband’s relationship with his affair partner was founded and bonded by their shared religious faith. My husband has expressed to me that he was finally able to truly relate to someone when he was with his affair partner and they talked about Jesus, scriptures, church etc. This has caused the religious aspects and scripture references in EMS Online to be a trigger for me because it brings up thoughts of all they shared and I always wonder if the scriptures in the curriculum were special to them during the affair. I have found my husband more quiet and withdrawn from me also, and wondering how to handle this situation.



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I'm so sorry you're dealing

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, I too have many triggers, as my husband and I were in law enforcement together, but now it's just him, domce oncarenfor our kids at home, and I feel he has had affairs with women at work because it's what he's been attracted to all along..( so a job I loved and people i see each day are triggers) triggers abound ... many things, street signs, languages and more. I can say, as a believer that Jesus would never condone an affair..just because they both know the Lord ( knowledge). That shared interest in faith brought them together, and I would take the advice here..start asking him about what he believes, and what that means to him...it will surely make him think about what he is doing. Marriage is sacred. It is attacked by many, and Christians are mocked because we are imperfect and still fight our flesh. But Jesus loves and he sees the pain you are feeling too, and it hurts Him. Just my thots.

What type of affair was it?

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