Q&A Am I Paranoid?

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We are 17 months from discovery and currently in week 12 of EMSO. My husband broke up with the AP a few weeks after I found out. A few weeks ago, the AP tried to contact him by text with a bogus story about getting a call from my husband's number contacting her about a job interview. In the text, she said she'd be there tomorrow for the interview and then used a random name. To me that sounded like a code. My husband became very upset when I told him about the text and immediately said he had nothing to do with her contacting him. An ugly argument ensued. That made me think maybe there was something going on. He's begun calling me names like crazy and unstable. Says I'm obsessed with her. I'm healing, but that incident worried me. Am I paranoid? She's married and I told her not to contact him again or I'd tell her husband. I've told her this before. I think I should have told her husband when I found out about the affair. He should know. My family has gone through hell this past year and a half. But her family knows nothing about this. Should I tell her husband, and what do you think is going on with mine?



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