Q&A Am I Wrong to Feel I Can’t Get Past His Infidelity?

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Hi Rick,

I feel I am at a crossroads. I am not sure if my situation is normal or not but I'm not sure how to make a decision whether it's to stay married or get a divorce. My husband had a 2.5 year affair with his partner, she is a childhood friend and they rekindled on Facebook. Apparently he decided it was ok to have continual unprotected sex for a long enough time for her to stop taking birth control (she said she was???) She has a 3 month old with him now. I realized that I appreciate my spouse wanting to stay married to me but I don't see how I can let go of the fact that he trusted another woman above his wife (me). It's more than just the affair and the baby for me and I cannot see myself getting past it. Am I wrong to feel that way?



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