Q&A Can I Tell the Affair Partner she's Not Loved?

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My husband and I are early in the stages of recovery, but making good progress. I am the betrayed and I was wondering if you can help me wrap my mind around this....

My husband is coming to the realization that he never did love the AP and that he really just loved talking to her and the way she made him feel. He has cut off communication with her, but does see her at work. There is a part of me that really wants her to know that he never loved her (even though he told her that). It makes me sick to think that she may still read his texts or emails and think that she has a piece of his heart. I want her to know how much he regrets the affair and that she meant nothing to him but a distraction.

I know I should not contact her nor give my husband a reason to speak to her, but I so want her to know this truth and what is really in his heart. Can you give me some insight here and why I should or shouldn't give her this information?



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